Why My Dog Is The Best Dog Ever

May 23, 2014

Roxy, the best dog ever

What are the odds that the puppy my wife and I picked out a few years ago would turn out to be the best dog ever?

Unlikely, I know. And yet — it happened.

Here are four reasons Roxy, a standard poodle, is the best dog that has ever lived.

I mean, really, what other dog can lay claim to these unique and adorable features?

She Loves People
It’s crazy. She goes nuts when someone comes home. Wags her tail, picks up a shoe as a sacrificial offering and trots around in circles. I can duck out to pick up a sixer of Nordeast and when I get back, she acts like I’m returning from a two-year deployment in Fallujah.

She Loves People Food
Roxy is fine with her kibble … she eats it when she needs to. But give her a bit of people food and she goes wild. Bits of fat trimmed from a steak. A peanut butter sandwich snagged from my son’s hand. A little bacon that someone stupidly left near the edge of a counter. Whatever. If it’s people food, she loves it.

She Loves Chasing Squirrels and Rabbits
Holy crap, when we’re on a walk and she sees a squirrel, watch out. Bark, bark, bark. And pulling on the leash! Who says a poodle is a little wussy dog?

She Loves Fetching Balls
Get this: I can throw almost any type of ball and Roxy will run after it and bring it back so I can chuck it again. She loves it. I know it might seem boring, but we can play this game for hours. Crazy, right?

So there you have it. Objective, unassailable reasons why Roxy is the greatest dog ever.