Take Me Out To The Ballgame… And Build Me An App

April 15, 2014


In 2009, Apple notoriously claimed “There’s an App for That,” and they weren’t wrong. In fact, I have a feeling the copywriter who hung his or her hat on that phrase had no right idea how right they were.

Take Spotify, for example. The music streaming service, also available as an app, has more than 100 apps available to help music aficionados find the best tunes in its catalog, which is 20 million songs deep. What about the number of productivity apps that have crept up during the past three years? You could use a different app for every to do list of every to do list you need to do.

You can take and edit photos, write and send emails, peruse endless social media platforms, shop at Nordstrom, deposit a check, book a flight or a dinner reservation, write a review of the latest eatery and more – and all from the comfort of your handheld device.

But you can’t manage a dinger pool.

That’s right, folks. There is no existing app to track and manage a fantasy home run league, also known as the dinger pool at Fast Horse headquarters.

A league not for the faint of heart. The dinger pool lasts a grueling five months and every person in the league drafts 10 players. For every home run one of your guys hits, everyone in the pool pays you a quarter. You pay out the same for home runs hit by the rest of pool. If your guy lands on the DL, you get a chance to replace him. Feeling like your sixth draft pick is under-performing? You can drop him every month during the turd draft.

It doesn’t seem that hard, right? Wrong.

Fantasy baseball trackers don’t have the option to solely track home runs. ESPN is a lost cause and FantasyHomeRuns.com, our best bet online, is clunky at best. It seems like baseball nerds and developers don’t go hand in hand – and don’t pay attention to Apple taglines. Major league bummer.