Fast Horse Helps UnitedHealthcare Share Heath Innovations At CES

January 10, 2014

Arrianne Hoyland, game producer at UnitedHealthcare, explains how Zamzee’s wearable activity meter monitors health and activity levels for youths. UnitedHealthcare is collaborating with Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., and Zamzee to help reduce childhood obesity through school-based health programs.

UnitedHealth made its fourth voyage to International CES in Las Vegas this week — and Fast Horse has been on board to help the health insurer make a big splash.

This is our fourth year working with UnitedHealth at CES. It’s always a wild ride — one of the loudest, busiest, hardest-working weeks a marketer might ever experience — but it’s one my colleague Cydney and I eagerly look forward to.

UnitedHealthcare is the only health insurer with exhibit space at this utterly massive show and is one of the larger — if not the largest — exhibitor within the Digital Health Summit subset of CES. That puts us in a great position to help the company reinforce its position as an innovator and a thought leader.

We spend the week — to say nothing of the month’s spent preparing — capturing and creating content for and @CEShealth on Twitter, the two primary channels by which UnitedHealthcare extends its presence at CES beyond the walls of the endless Las Vegas Convention Center.

But the newsroom posts we write, videos we produce and photos we shoot are also used UnitedHealthcare’s media relations efforts from CES, internal communications to more than 100,000 employees and in other venues during the show and throughout the following year.

Here’s a sample of the several videos we produced during this year’s show, which gives you a feel of the presence UnitedHealthcare has at CES.