Attention, List-Makers: A List Of The Best Apps To Make Lists

January 16, 2014

to-do-list-appsMy name’s Alex, and I have a problem… I mean a Type A personality.

Being Type A means I tend to be very… intentional… in everything I do. I sometimes overanalyze. I sometimes (okay, most times) go an extra mile past the extra mile and two shoes can’t contain this goody three-shoes.

It also means I like to make lists. Scratch that. I LOVE to make lists. I live and die by them.

Today’s technology really helps people like me. I mean let’s face it: If there’s an app for everything, there are probably 10,000 apps for making lists.

And boy, do I ever take advantage of them!

So, this Peepshow post is for those readers who are like me… and often find their jotting down a new list about making lists. Currently, I have several list-making apps at my disposal (and a very real addiction to Moleskine notebooks) but I’ve tried many more.

As an expert in this area, I offer –- what else –- a list of the best list-making apps, complete with a brief list of makes each one a list-maker’s dream. And what doesn’t.

#5 – S Memo (came standard on my Galaxy S3)

  • Allows for complete format customization; list-making outside-of-the-box
  • Utilizes Samsung’s handwriting-to-text function, which has a certain cool factor
  • Difficult user experience; app layout isn’t intuitive
  • Minimal integration with other platforms

#4 – Google Drive

  • More comprehensive than other organizational and list-making apps
  • Syncs to Google account
  • Ability to share with other Gmail users
  • Scanning functionality
  • User design feels a little outdated and reminiscent of Google Docs – that’s so 2007!

#3 – Evernote

  • Ability to shares lists and documents with others – A must for professional list-making!
  • Easy to sync on all your devices
  • Intuitive navigation to add new notes or multi-media attachments
  • Security concerns; user information stolen in early 2013
  • Multi-user editing of notebooks – function only available in Premium

#2 – Wunderlist

  • Simple, clean design
  • Easy to add, edit, and flag priority items within a list
  • Intuitive categories
  • Ability to organize according to deadline
  • Created shared to do list with other Wunderlist users; everyone can edit, add and remove items

#1 – Google Keep

  • Pretty standard, no frills list-making app
  • Accessible anywhere; syncs to Gmail/Drive account
  • Ability to turn notes into checklist — prepare for sweeping feelings of productivity
  • Customizable home screen; visually appealing
  • Easy to edit, and add to, any saved notes