Ron Burgundy: Not A Bad Choice

December 12, 2013


Although “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” doesn’t hit theaters until Wednesday, it seems Ron Burgundy has been virtually everywhere over the past few months. Which is probably because he has.

As part of an all-out promotional blitz, we have seen Will Ferrell’s Burgundy as a guest analyst for TSN’s coverage of the Canadian Olympic curling trials, a co-anchor for the Bismarck, N.D., CBS affiliate KXMB-TV and as a spokesperson for 70 unique Dodge commercials. It’s understandable why so many feel Ferrell’s iconic character has been overexposed.

Could it be we have reached Fatigue Level: Burgundy?

I, for one, have not been bothered by the ubiquity of Burgundy. The original Anchorman movie was released almost an entire decade ago, yet its lead character remains one of the most beloved in the history of comedy, on par with Bill Murray’s Carl Spackler (“Caddyshack”) and Jeff Bridges’ Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski (“The Big Lebowski”).

Too much Burgundy? I say not enough. Marketing around the movie has been brilliant thus far, but as an Anchorman purist, I do feel some great partnership opportunities and brand endorsements have been missed entirely. For instance:

In the original movie, an unemployed and bearded Burgundy chugs from a gallon of milk while roasting in the San Diego summer heat. (“It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.”) In a new Smartwater ad, Burgundy would explain the importance of hydration (“Human organs are made of 98 percent water and two percent pork tips”) and electrolytes (“Created by NASA for intergalactic exploration”).

Rosetta Stone
After a day at the station, Burgundy returns home to his beloved dog Baxter, who attempts to communicate by barking. “You know I don’t speak Spanish,” Burgundy says. But in a new ad, Burgundy and Baxter would have a fluid conversation in Spanish thanks to the Ron’s use of Rosetta Stone.

Men’s Warehouse
In the first movie, Ron tells his Channel Four News Team cohort, “There’s only one thing a man can do when he’s, suffering from a spiritual and existential funk … Buy new suits!” Men’s Warehouse is in desperate need of a new spokesperson, and Burgundy is just the man for the job. Men’s Warehouse could even add a Burgundy-inspired collection of blue suits.