On Mustache Wax And Personal Branding

October 9, 2013

me_and_my_stacheWe’re on the doorstep of an important time on the calendar: Movember.

I feel this is the perfect time to point out that Movember is for chumps.

I mean, it’s for a great cause, and I fully support all that jazz. But why wait till the eleventh month to sport a stylish “mo”? The only excuse you need is that it’s awesome.

Case in point: The rad handlebar you see in the photo here.

The mustache that Fast Horse’s own Scott Broberg introduces — separately from and in addition to its owner — in meetings. The one that immediately elicits references to Rollie Fingers, Snidley Whiplash, Captain Hook, Salvador Dali or your run-of-mill neighborhood hipster. Don’t pretend you’re not jealous.

It looks fabulous. It’s a great conversation starter. It blows up the social medias whenever I post a photo for my friends. It’s become, for now, part my unique selling proposition. It’s my personal brand.

When I transitioned from “Growing a ‘stache” to “Damn, do you put wax in that?”, the mustache immediately became an unavoidable topic of conversation with nearly everyone I encounter. In the local pizza shop, the cashier says “By the way, I love the ‘stache” as I’m on my way out the door. At family gatherings, aunts and uncles ask if it’s real. Last night, it prompted a Stillwater city council member to tell me about the handlebar he sported 50 years ago, as he fondly remembered the good ol’ days of applying enough beeswax to hold two full loops in place.
People talk about it. People remember it. It makes an impression.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to make a connection between my mustache and marketing. Think about your brand — your key messages, your point of differentiation, your content strategy, your tone on social media. Does it convey anything meaningful? Anything unique? Does it express a compelling personality? How, if at all, does it stand out?

Does your marketing make an impression?