Nailing It With Guy’s Version Of Pinterest

March 28, 2013

A friend tipped me off to an interesting site that launched just the other day, and I’m glad she did. It’s called Manteresting, and it’s the guy’s alternative to Pinterest.


Which, I have to say, is nice to see. You see, when everybody was sending invites out to join Pinterest, I felt that as a good marketing person, I needed to get some quality exposure to such a popular site. But boy, was I disappointed. I mean, how much can one person possibly care about pictures of recipes and clothes and home interiors that were pinned by other people (women)? And on the flip side, if this site was so heavily skewed to the female gender, I felt a little weird getting involved and starting to pin things myself.

Manteresting is very much the same, but different in important ways.

The site — self-described as “Interesting. Man. Things.” — is unapologetically male-tilted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is great. In fact, in a welcome email, Manterest claimed it is “dedicated to bringing you the manliest of manliest from around the web.” Well written? Not really. But we all get the point.

Mechanically, the site works in a way that is similar to Pinterest, except “pinning” has been replaced by the manlier “nailing.” All the things you nail show up on your bench (workbench) because, well, doesn’t every guy collect things on his workbench? And if you “like” something, Manteresting lets you “bump” content that “you think is awesome.” Awesome.

Really nice kicks

Really nice kicks

A quick browse through the Products section revealed endless images of guns and boots and watches and sandwiches. None of which were interesting to me. But I instantly found hilarious things in the Funny section, nailed some sweet Johnston & Murphy shoes in Apparel and was totally drawn in by an “epic man cave” on the House Stuff page. I found that Manterest is taking what seems to be endlessly boring content on Pinterest and making it a lot more fun.

Seriously. Who wouldn't want this?

Seriously. Who wouldn’t want this?

The site seems blatantly geared toward a younger (than me) guy who is building his life post-parents, post-college. He’s probably still hitting the bars 3 times a week, blowing his paycheck on what luxury items he can afford and dreaming about the day his pockets are overflowing with cash. It’s filled with random eye candy, but need I say more? Seems like a homerun.

Random humor. Pardon the language.

Random humor. Pardon the language.

Ultimately, is Manterest going to catch on like Pinterest did? And is it an opportunity for marketers to connect with this challenging-to-reach demo? Seems the likely answer is probably not. It’s a mindless diversion and offers some fun for a few minutes. But guys, by and large, have some serious ADHD. Getting them to remember to return to a site like Manterest could be a challenge, let alone finding ways to meaningfully engage with them while they’re logged on to the site. If we begin seeing “nailed” items showing up on Facebook and Twitter, we’ll know Manterest is on to something. If not, it just may find itself on the workbench collecting dust.