With New Year’s Resolutions, Come New Gym Advertisements

January 16, 2013

I’ve avoided the “get fit” New Year’s resolution for years. It seemed cliché and generic — and too easily broken. I always tried to go for something simpler, like last year’s resolution to drink more water.

This year, though, I caved. I resolved to take advantage of the free yoga and Pilates classes offered on the main floor of my apartment building. Two nights a week didn’t seem impossible, and pre-set times out of my control would make me more accountable.

Now that I’ve become more conscious about working out and group fitness, two ad campaigns from two very different gyms seem to be everywhere I look, and the contrast between them could not be greater.

Equinox: By Equinox

Equinox collaborated with fashion photographer Terry Richardson, again, for it’s 2013 campaign. While they’re similar 2012 campaign caught some guff for the skinny stature of the models, this year’s features long and lean ladies in suggestive stances once again. While the imagery is beautifully composed, models gorgeous, and I always love a pun, I’m not quite the target audience for this ad. Being 5-foot-2 and living in a 700-square-foot apartment, I have a hard time relating.

equinox_pool_table equinox_stairs

Planet Fitness: No Gymtimidation

If you’re like me, you’re probably guilty of thinking “I’ll go to the gym once I’m in better shape,” at least once in your life. While I’m not outrageously out of shape, I am outrageously shy. Planet Fitness’ No Gymtimidation campaign features long and lean ladies in suggestive stances, but in a completely different light.