Tweet Memories: Growing Old With Twitter

January 30, 2013

fail_whaleI started using Twitter on April 9, 2007. At least, that’s what one of those “When did I start using Twitter?” tools tells me.

Sounds about right. In that time, a lot has changed. I’ve had two kids, bought a house, bought a couple of cars, started working at Fast Horse. Hell, Prince has started making good music again.

Much has changed in the world of Twitter, too. The way the service works, they way people use it, the frequency (now infrequency, thank goodness) with which we see the fail whale. I had a chance to reflect on some of these changes during a recent conversation with a few colleagues in which we discussed our own Twitter habits and how they’ve evolved over the years.

In that spirit, I thought I’d be fun to share some of the ways in which my twittering — and Twitter culture in general — has evolved. What do you have to add to the mix?

Twitter 2007
Twitter 2013
Follow back everyone, especially if they live in Minnesota Pretty much on follow back family, clients and people who pretend to be Prince
Meet strangers on Twitter, offer to meet for coffee Not unless you’re a client (or Prince)
Enjoy the freedom of replying to people willy-nilly Burdened by the oppressive need to start a reply with a period (“.@soandso That looks awesome!”) to ensure it’s not seen by only mutual followers of the person I’m replying to #firstworldproblems
See the fail whale weekly Occasionally interrupted by the entirely unhelpful “something is technically wrong” image
Blog posts in which news-watchers declare “This story first broke on Twitter” Yes, we know; every story “broke on Twitter”
A single column of ugly Twhirl was a glorious desktop app A desktop full of less-ugly Tweetdeck columns feels woefully inadequate
Follow Friday (#FF) was all the rage; sure-fire way to catch the attention of someone you’re stalking Using hashtags in an ill-fated attempt at humor #yourenotclever


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