You Have The Flu? Oh My Goodness, Now I Do Too!

January 25, 2013
Whatever you do, don't do this.

Whatever you do, don’t do this.

By now you have either had it or know somebody who has that dreaded f-word… the flu. It gets bad every year, but this year it is really bad.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the flu is widespread in Minnesota and around the nation. But according to my Facebook news feed, EVERYONE has it.

I wash my hands, take vitamin C and try to generally avoid large groups of people, but I cannot avoid the large group of ill people that have gone to Facebook to spread their germs. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, needs to know that your child has puked 17 times since breakfast, or that you haven’t been this sick since you were 5.

I have never considered myself to be a hypochondriac, but I am developing the early symptoms of becoming one. Someone mentions the sniffles on a social media platform and I start reaching for the tissues. Has the virtual world and the real world merged so much in my mind that I actually believe I can catch a sickness form my computer?!

So if your news feed is causing you to become a hypochondriac too, there are a couple apps out there that will help ease your mind (or make you go into a full on frenzy realizing just how widespread this sickness is!).

Google allows you to track the flu trends in the U.S. based upon Google searches related to flu and its symptoms. Currently 43/50 states are in the “intense” flu realm.

Help, I Have the Flu helps place the blame on your Facebook friends that have mentioned (78 times in the past 2 hours!) that they have the flu. This app targets the sick people on your news feed and either quarantines them or allows you to send help.

So now that you are tracking it and avoiding above said people who have it, how do you keep yourself and the space around you germ free?

Nano UV Disinfectant Scanner

The Nano UV Disinfectant Scanner is a handheld device, similar to products used in hospitals; this product can sanitize an area in 10 seconds using UV-A and UV-C lights.

It also claims to protect against SARS, Asian bird flu and E. coli. Good golly, now I have to worry about those viruses too!

Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

We all know our cell phones are one of the dirtiest things we own, so in this rampant flu season this Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is the perfect thing to keep it spic and span. This little device helps clean all those nooks and crannies where gross germs live by zapping them with germicidal UV rays. They should make a human size version of this and before coming home at night I would jump into it to rid myself of all nasty germs I acquired during the day! Too far?

Hopefully you haven’t become a complete germaphobe like me this flu season, but either way, take your vitamins and for Pete’s sake, don’t explain every explicit detail of your flu experience on Facebook, my immune system can’t take it!