Why ‘Curious George’ Is An Outrage

November 19, 2012

Curious GeorgeMy son returned home from school not long ago with a book entitled “Curious George,” authored by one H.A. Rey.

I was initially enamored with the colorful and lively drawings, which illustrate the story of an eco-explorer who abducts a native primate and transports the animal to his home.

However, several highly disturbing aspects about this book soon emerged. In particular, the handling of the monkey throughout this story is atrocious. I will detail my outrage below:

Exhibit A

Curious George caught

Here we see that this “Man in the Yellow Hat” has chosen to transport George in what appears to be a burlap sack of some sort. Note the crude way in which the sack is tied around the animal’s neck. This is a great way to asphyxiate a monkey.

Had this “Idiot in the Yellow Hat” done even a cursory amount of research, he would have identified any number of suitable monkey carriers to safely and humanely transport his safari souvenir.

monkey carrier

monkey carrier

Exhibit B

Curious George in jail

When George is detained for abusing the civil emergency response system, the authorities wantonly violate a series of well-established regulations for handling impounded animals. Here we see the monkey held in an enclosure with an obvious lack of adequate ventilation. Also note the infestation of rodents — a danger not only to the primate, but to animal control officers as well.

Again, appropriate enclosures for monkeys and other primates are widely available.

Primate cage

Exhibit C

Curious George pipe

This one is just ridiculous. Everyone knows monkeys prefer cigarettes.
monkey smoking

Exhibit D

Curious George ballons

Here’s George in his new home, a zoological garden. I must commend the man adorned in yellow for his decision to relinquish custody of the monkey to an appropriate facility. However, I will temper my praise with one final criticism: Under no circumstances should George have been allowed to share his bounty of balloons with the other animals. Latex balloons on strings are a proven danger to marine life and other animals.