Founder’s Day 2012: We’re On A Boat

October 4, 2012

On Monday, Fast Horse celebrated 11 years as hustling, bustling creative agency. October 1 is Founder’s Day — our annual opportunity to take a day off (mostly), reflect on the wild ride we’re all on, and have some fun with the Fast Horse crew.

In years past, we’ve spent the day at Bob’s family’s cabin, scrapped paint-balling plans (it was raining really hard) in favor of an afternoon at Bryant Lake Bowl, or spent the day in Minnehaha Park grilling and playing awkward volleyball. And each year, we put a stellar nightcap on the day by enjoying dinner and drinks at some of the area’s finest food-slinging establishments.

Founder’s Day 2012 was spent not in Minneapolis but over in my lovely hometown, Stillwater. We started the day in Pioneer Park, a lovely spot overlooking the St. Croix River, playing lawn games and grilling various meats (and veggie burgers). We then headed down the hill for a three-hour tour on a vessel called the Lady Chateau. Floating down the St. Croix as the leaves are starting to turn their gorgeous fall colors, on a small yacht with an open bar and some good company, is one hell of a way to spend an afternoon.

Allow me to continue indulge myself as I share some photographic memories of the day. This collection of photos is hardly comprehensive, as I chose to spend more time having fun than documenting fun, but it’ll give you a nice little taste of how we spent our day. (When you see how beautiful the river valley is, you’ll know why I tough out the commute to the North Loop every day.)