Content Marketing And Spotify: Listen Up!

July 13, 2012

Many of us who work in marketing or advertising have heard (or said) that in today’s day and age, content is king when it comes to successful marketing.

Campaigns are most successful when paired naturally with various tools and stories to engage and connect consumers to a brand. We see this everyday across various channels — endorsements, media placements, events, partnerships and especially social media.

In my experience as a marketer and consumer, the effort to engage and connect (a shift from the interruption of traditional advertising methods) has created a heavy reliance on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a rush to be the first using the latest and greatest in apps and content sharing services. (Pinterest and Instagram, anyone?)

However, we need to dig beyond these tools and roll up our sleeves to go beyond the expected and really “wow” consumers. After all, it’s a busy landscape out there.

So, how do you do this? One answer is Spotify.

Earlier this year, the popular music streaming-service announced that AT&T, McDonald’s, Intel and Reebok would launch Spotify brand apps and connect with more than 10 million active users through music. Shortly after, Coca-Cola announced it had forged a partnership with Spotify for the “Year of Music” campaign in 2013.

Sound like an already crowded platform? Barely. We’re just scratching the surface. With free brand apps and an open development platform, the possibilities are endless for anyone from your neighborhood music venue to a Fortune 500 company… and everywhere in between.

You could even go with one of the following:

A Back Stage Pass

Want to catch an exclusive, intimate performance from your favorite artist? No problem. Build a Spotify app and work with a well-known musician to create a one-of-kind concert for fans around the world to enjoy exclusive music content. Within one fell swoop, you’ve created something that is highly shareable, engaged your consumer and reduced interruption. In fact, if you played your cards right, you should be up to your ears in content.

Take it a step further: Create a national band tour where fans can vote for the musician to come to their town, as well as the opportunity to nominate a favorite hometown band to be the opener in each stop. Use Spotify to create a musical map (of sorts) and highlight playlists for each city. Each city’s playlist will highlight music from the top 10 nominated opener bands.

Refine Your Festival

Boy, Lollapalooza sure missed the boat on this one. Whether you’re promoting, sponsoring, or hosting a music festival, a Spotify app seems like a no brainer to me. Create a branded festival app where attendees can check out music from the lineup, favorite the bands they need to see and engage with content by sharing via user social media channels. It’s easy, intuitive and you’ve expanded your audience beyond just those who will be attending the festival. Let’s face it, not everyone who loves and listens to music is a festival attendee.

Want to hit it out of the park? Offer a free month of premium Spotify to fans or those who purchase festival tickets. It says you’re above interrupting jams for an ad, which is pretty rad, and promotes a good relationship with your consumer and/or customer. (Sorry, I had to whip out the rhyme.)

Now, Spotify won’t be a natural fit for all and this doesn’t mean – in any way – that brands should neglect the social media channels people expect and enjoy using. But there are a variety of untapped platforms, which can provide the opportunity to connect and engage with consumers and bring the new and unexpected to the table.