The Top Tumblrs And Blogs: Where Mustaches, Cats And Suri Collide

June 28, 2012

Happy Thursday! Treat yo’ self and check out some of the funniest sites on the internet.

Girls That Look Like Skrillex
Skrillex, also known as Sonny John Moore, is a Dubstep DJ with a background in post-hardcore punk. Not only has he taken the music world by storm, girls everywhere are copying his half-buzzed hairdo and posting their mug on this Tumblr account.

Why so sad, Keanu?

Sad Keanu
In 2010, the paparazzi snapped a photo of Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich by himself on a park bench and gave birth to Sad Keanu. The image blew up on the web and now people submit photoshopped images of sad Keanu in various settings. They’re pretty great.

Animals Being Dicks
The site has a plethora of funny gifs of animals being mean. Need I say more?

In my book, facial hair is always funny. Moustair is a site where mustaches of all shapes and sizes meet hair, which meets men, which meets mustache again. They border on creepy, but some of them are pretty good. Check out Rick Ross.

What Should We Call Me

Hands down one of my favorite sites, it never fails to make me laugh. What Should We Call Me pairs everyday occurrences with animated gifs from pop culture, ranging from movies to animals to news/reality show clips. This is a must read!


Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson
Man, if you thought Ron Swanson was funny looking… wait until you see these cats.

A daily read for many of the ponys. Written by Mark Duffy, Copyranter guides readers through the world of ads – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson

Drunk and dancing Ron Swanson. Infinitely awesome.

Awkward Family Photos
I always thought my awkward stage was bad, until I checked out Awkward Family Photos. The site has become a major contender with more than 150,000 photo submissions since it’s creation and the images tend to run the gamut between funny and shocking.

Ad for Baby Gap or submission from Children with Swag?

Children with Swag
Is it wrong to take fashion notes from a three-year-old? I’m secretly a little tempted to after perusing this blog.

Suri’s Burn Book
Written from the perspective of Suri Cruise/Holmes, Suri’s Burn Book chronicles the fictional competition among children of celebrities. It’s sassy, on target with current celebrity news and won’t disappoint. Just to give you an idea, the blog’s tagline is “Just because you don’t have a Ferragamo handbag doesn’t mean you can behave like a child. (I’m looking at you, Shiloh.)”

LOL Cats/I Can Has Cheezburger?
Look, I had to fill my cat quota. The internet is rife with cats… funny cats, ugly cats, animated cats, hipster cats, etc. Some may argue that LOL Cats started it all – a way for cat lovers to provide their critter with viral fame and use bad grammar. Winning?