Apple’s WWDC: Rumors And Expectations Aplenty

June 11, 2012

Hello, my name is Alex and I’m an Apple fangirl. (The first step to getting over any sort of problem, is admitting you have one, right?) Aside from owning a plethora of Apple products, I’ve also waited in line at the Apple store for a software release – that’s right, a software release.

But, today is one of the greatest days. Today, my inner nerd emerges to collide with the part of me that will always crumble under the clean, sleek design and speed brought to life by Apple. (Again, I told you I have a problem.)


In case you didn’t know, today is the keynote address of the World Wide Apple Developers Conference. It’s considered the Mecca for Apple fans and, sadly, this year marks the first one without Steve Jobs.

Over the years, expectations from the keynote address have varied significantly in terms of the big reveal – what would be Apple’s latest and greatest baby? However, last year brought disappointed Apple fans back to reality with the lack an iPhone reveal. How could we really expect the company to reveal the equivalent of a new iPhone every year? That kind of excitement and turnaround can’t be sustained forever.

This year we’re not expecting to see a new iPhone prototype but the rumors are flying about what today’s keynote address may bring. Spoiler alert: I doubt the seven-inch tablet will make its grand debut, today. But, here’s to hoping.

iOS 6

It’s a guarantee that we’ll see a reveal of Apple’s latest operating system, but what it will contain is still a mystery. The contenders right now include:

  • An Apple-built Maps application: Many people speculate Apple will abandon the Google maps application to bridge a serious app divide between iPhone and Droid users.
  • Social integration: Last year, Apple announced that iOS 5 would have Twitter integration. Could this year lead to another social media site – like Facebook or Pinterest – being integrated into the new system?
  • Updates to the Cloud

New Macs

It wouldn’t be crazy to expect an announcement revealing a new MacBook Pro. One can only wish for an updated model to include a sleeker design (similar to the MacBook Air) and a solid-state drive complemented by the latest Core processors: Ivy Bridge.

Mountain Lion

Improvements to the new, but still unreleased, OS X platform, “Mountain Lion” may be coming our way during today’s keynote, especially if the WWDC is a more computer-centric event than iPhone-centric.


I don’t have an iPhone but I was disappointed to find out that Siri is unable to do all that she promises in Apple’s commercials. Perhaps the tease was to swirl rumors about her capabilities and today’s announcement will bring a bigger and better Siri to the stage.

The top rumors today beg questions about whether Siri will be able to interact with third-party apps like Facebook or if she can live on the iPad, too.

Apple TV SDK

Will Apple reveal the beginning steps to making an Apple television? Today, Apple  mayrelinquish Apple TV to the developers so they can create apps for the current platform and expand its abilities within the App Store.

Could all of these be revealed at today’s conference? Perhaps. Apple always has a couple surprises in store for conference attendees and followers but only time will tell. Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long.