Round 3: Vote For The Best Name In Public Radio

May 11, 2012

Round 2 voting just closed, and we’re left with just four remaining competitors for the Best Name in Public Radio championship. Ladies and gentlemen, here are¬†your Final Four:

Ofeibea Quist-Arcton – 50%
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson – 38%

Audie Cornish – 33%
Yuki Noguchi – 54%

Douali Xaykaothao – 44%
Lakshmi Singh – 43%

Neda Ulaby – 31%
Mandalit del Barco – 68%

To be honest, no surprises there, really. What a shoot-out between Lakshmi and Douali, though! Just five votes separated them.

Again, based on random numbers generated in Excel, here are the match-ups for the semi-final round. Voting for round 3, the Final Four, starts right now and will close at Tuesday, May 15, at noon Central. Go get ’em!