In The Fast Lane With Brooklyn Decker

May 30, 2012

Every year we have the great fortune of working with Coke on its signature NASCAR activation, the Coca-Cola 600. And each year it’s a big deal…. this year was no exception.

As part of its partnership with NBC/Universal, Coke Zero has been promoting the film “Battleship” for months on packaging, online and so on…but on Sunday, the brand brought the flick to NASCAR fans through one of its stars, Brooklyn Decker.

Decker joined new Coke Zero driver Danica Patrick in Victory Lane at Charlotte Motor Speedway just before the longest race of the year – the Coca-Cola 600 – for a press conference, media event and to deliver the race command (“Drivers, start your engines!”).

Needless to say, the execution has paid off in some terrific media coverage. From a social media perspective, our work started earlier in the month with a couple of “meet me in Charlotte” video challenges from Danica to Brooklyn that each scored 5,000+ views. Several tweets and Facebook posts kept the momentum going throughout race weekend, culminating in a video that gives Coke Zero fans a chance to go behind the scenes with Brooklyn during her day at the track.

It was one of those really cool moments that, even after 14 years in the biz, made me step back and remember how cool this job can be. And working with a couple of cover girls for an afternoon… well, that ain’t so bad, either.


Press conference with Brooklyn and Col. Gregory Gadson

Just another day at the office...

Danica and Brooklyn pose in front of the Coke Zero/Battleship showcar

Brooklyn tries her hand at gassing the car...didn't do a bad job

Brooklyn trying to jack up the dice