10 Uses For QR Codes I’m Surprised I Haven’t Seen Yet

May 25, 2012

A client — the hard-working John Kirchner at Marvin Windows and Doors — shared a fascinating story about a great idea for using QR codes (or some similar form of scannable 2D codes). House Beautiful magazine’s June issue will feature scannable codes on each photo in one of the feature articles that automatically pin the photo to a Pinterest pin board. (The plan is for future issues will have this option for more or all photos.)

Pretty genius. Simple, too, which I suppose is often a key ingredient in most forms of genius. And it got me thinking, what are some other interesting ways people could use QR codes? I mean actual people, using QR codes for things that are actually useful. You know, as opposed all of those ridiculous uses you might have seen on wtfqrcodes.com.

In that spirit, here are 10 ways to use QR codes I’m surprised I haven’t seen yet.

1. On the rear bumper of every car. When that jerk cuts you off or decides he’s too cool to park properly within the bounds of his parking space, this QR code would direct you to a Web page where you can leave a nice little rant about said jerk. Once a driver collects 10 negative ratings, his or license is suspended for a week.

2. On car insurance cards. Save me the trouble of jotting down that jerk’s details after he side-swipes me. “Oh, hang on. Let me scan your bumper, too, jerk.”

3. On keychains. When I lose my keys, the good Samaritan who finds them can easily get a Google map with directions to my house. Wait, that could be trouble.

4. On pop cans, or any other product with reward-point codes. Put a QR code under the cap so I don’t have to take the time to get to a computer, visit the website and then manually type in the code.

5. On food labels. Give me recipes and other ideas so I can use more of your food!

6. On cash. Envision a hipster-friendly, technologically savvy version of the great “Where’s George?” game.

7. On my doctor’s name tag. My practitioner’s ratings and reviews on Angie’s List are just an awkward scan away. “No, I’m not taking a picture of your chest. Just waving my phone around, trying to get a signal…”

8. On stage. Any band of starving artists could make a few extra bucks by projecting a giant QR code on a backdrop that gives the audience a mechanism for instantly downloading the song they’re hearing.

9. On politicians’ lapel pins. Scan to donate in one easy step!

10. On the moon. I pretty much don’t care what it’d be for. This would simply be rad.