There’s A World Record For That

March 14, 2012

Yesterday, I was doing research on world records and found myself flabbergasted by the ridiculous feats people submit for recognition. Nowadays, it seems any Tom, Dick or Harry can jump on a pogo stick for 24 hours, pat their head and rub their stomach simultaneously while wearing galoshes – only to wind up in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Can you fit inside a suitcase?

We live in a world where Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Minute to Win It and Guinness World Records not only reign supreme, but make it possible for people to lay claim to 15 seconds of fame with ridiculous records and outrageous physical activities (of human and beast).

Let me be clear, this does not apply to all world records. Some can be heartwarming and meaningful, like the record for receiving the most birthday cards, which is held by a young boy sick with leukemia. Some can be amazing feats of athletic endurance, grounded in donations to the needy or fact-based, like the record for Longest Mammal Migration held by the humpback whale, which travels up to 8,200 km for migration.

But in my opinion, Fastest Time To Enter A Suitcase or Fastest 100 Meter Hurdles Wearing Swim Fins (individual, male) don’t fall into any of those categories. First of all, who races to zip themselves into a suitcase? Secondly, is there actually a category for pairs to compete in hurdles while wearing swim fins? That would be an interesting sight.

Below are some ridiculous and surprising Guinness World Records. Feel free to visit the Guinness World Records website and share any I may have missed.


Is a world record worth breaking close to 50 of these on your head?

Most Clothes Pegs Clipped On A Face Held by Garry Turner when he clipped 160 clothes pins to his face in 2009. Ouch.

Most Unused Concert Tickets Bought By An Individual – Held by Michael Dehn, the most unused concert tickets bought by an individual is 79,652 tickets. Dehn purchased all undistributed tickets for the Led Zeppelin show scheduled to take place at Chicago Stadium, Illinois, in November 1980.

For those of you who know your rock ‘n’ roll history, John Bonham, the drummer, died in September 1980 and the band quickly disintegrated. (By the way, I had to look it up.)

Most Toilet Seats Broken By The Head In One MinuteKevin Shelley from Indianapolis holds this record for breaking 46 wooden toilet seats with his head in a minute.

Weirdest record(s) held by an animal – This is a tie between Smokey the cat and Sweet Pea, an Australian shepherd/border collie mix. Smokey holds the record for “Loudest Purr By A Domestic Cat” and Sweet Pea holds the record for “Fastest 100M With A Can Balanced On Head.”

The purr heard 'round the world. Ladies and gents, meet Smokey.

Longest Telephone Conversation (Team of 2) – The record is 43 hours, 8 minutes and 55 seconds. Achieved by Sarah Capaul and Myriam Thomann, it was the result of multiple tries throughout a week.

Most Domestic Appliances Thrown In One Minute – Held by Oliver Gratzer who threw 27 domestic appliances in a minute.

Most Times Hit By A Car In Two Minutes – Yes, there is a world record for this. Dietmar Loeffler was hit by a car eight times in two minutes. In actuality it’s more like he’s jumping on the hood of a car and rolling off. You can check out a video here.