The Very Public Future Of Awkward Teenage Photos

March 22, 2012

Believe it or not, but I went through quite the awkward phase in my teenage years. The phrase “tall and gangly” somehow doesn’t quite explain the severity of what I went through. And, when you throw in three years of braces and zits, well, folks, it wasn’t pretty.

Lucky for me, photos from that time period are locked away in my mom’s basement, to be taken out only for the occasional laugh around the holidays. There’s no keyword you could use to find those photos in a Google search, no Flickr gallery you could come across and certainly no “Memories From Ages 11-18” album on Facebook. By the grace of all that is good, there is absolutely no online record of my awkward adolescence.

This safety net that I count on to filter out my painful memories is one that future generations will likely not have. Blame it on a culture obsessed with over-sharing, but a person’s entire life will soon be chronicled in detail online — even before birth! On top of that, thanks to Facebook Timeline, those memories will be neatly organized into easily digestible photo galleries in perpetuity! No thank you!

To current and future parents, I implore you: Please think twice before uploading awkward images of your teens. Yes, the photos may be cute to you, but think about your suffering teen before hitting the ‘upload’ button!

Unsure by what I mean by awkward childhood photos? Lucky for you, at Fast Horse, we like to share. Enjoy these awkward memories, straight from our parents’ basements.

John... in tights

One of my many awkward dance photos

Jorg keeping it casual

Alex showing her school spirit

Mike and his shell necklace

Tom taking a fashion risk at prom

Dave and his beloved mullet

George keeping it real at prom