Bring Salad To Work? Yes I Can!

January 10, 2012

This is one Peepshow post I am genuinely excited to share with everybody… whether you appreciate it or not.

It’s the new year, and around FH HQ, there are a variety of resolutions being practiced by a number of ponies. One of them is a promise to try to bring lunch to work rather than dropping the usual $7 to $12 for a Chipotle burrito, a grocery store salad or who-knows-what from the local deli.

The bring-lunch-from-home idea has always been in the back of my mind, but last week, something changed. Alex was researching mom bloggers for an upcoming program and came across a site called Raising Peanut. When she showed it to me, it was life-changing. It is the answer to the daily lunch dilemma: Salad in a Jar. And it’s perfect!

Salad in a Jar by Raising Peanut

Inspiration struck on Sunday morning, so I spent two or three hours grocery shopping, then cleaning and preparing fresh spinach and fresh romaine, then compiling it, along with egg whites, walnuts, diced chicken, shredded carrots, mozzarella cheese and some balsamic vinaigrette, into five brand-new mason jars. I can’t even tell you how happy this made me. I really love a salad for lunch, but the thought of making one every morning before work is beyond daunting. Now I have one for each day waiting in my refrigerator.

Salad in a Jar by Franny (photo courtesy: J. Zanatta)

The only snag was that I built my Salad in a Jar from memory…not by actually reading the blog post. So my one mistake is that I layered the romaine on top of the dressing. This is a no-no because by tomorrow I’m going to have a giant, wet glop at the bottom of the remaining jars. The blogger also says the salads will remain fresh for up to four days…I made five. So I may be doubling up for lunch and dinner tomorrow. But no worries.

Next week I’m getting a little more creative. Black beans. Scallions. Peas. Quinoa. Maybe even beets. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. I want to thank Raising Peanut for her wisdom. I spent less than $25 on a week’s worth of ingredients that I know are fresh and high-quality. This is just the trick I’ve been seeking for years. If it’s not too late to make a retroactive New Year’s resolution, I think I might actually be able to stick to this one! If you have any ideas on quick, inexpensive and tasty lunch tips, please send them our way!

Finished Salad Masterpiece (photo courtesy: J. Zanatta)