Where Would You Go Before It’s Too Late?

December 27, 2011

At my house, we’ve started our conversation about a big trip. A big trip tends to imply international airfare, some sort of outdoor adventure and… a guaranteed, heavily contested fight about destination.

Hoping to thwart the eventual 10-round death match, we sought the opinion of friends and family over the holidays.

While most offered a thought on practicality or affordability or most memorable, my brother had an interesting take: What’s the one place you want to visit now because it may be your only chance?

Or, in other words, where would you visit now because it’s going to drastically change in the next few years and you want to see it “as is?”

With this as the filter, he suggested Thailand/Vietnam (a theory about SE Asia changing in the next five years that we won’t delve into now).

Now I turn the question to you: Where would you go?

  • Cuba before Castro’s rule ends (ok, technically, it’s his brother’s rule now, but same concept: Cuba with embargo)
  • The Great Barrier Reef before it turns into the not-so-great reef
  • The Great Wall of China pre-erosion
  • Kilimanjaro before the ice cap melts

Or where do you wish you could have gone before it irrevocably changed (time travel not a concern)?