The Best Of “What’s Hot” On Google+

December 9, 2011

Just yesterday, my buddy George wrote about Google+ and the potential power of press conferences conducted with Google+’s video Hangout feature.

Beyond that, though, he was a bit down on this relatively new social platform. Rather than take the opportunity to have a substantive discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of Google+, I’m going to take this opportunity to focus on a part of Google+ that simultaneously saddens and amuses me.

When I first heard about the addition of the What’s Hot feature on Google+, I was excited. The obvious comparison is with the Trending Topics feature on Twitter, but I held out hope that Google+ would bring to the surface more meaningful or substantive content. Alas, What’s Hot on Google+┬áis a mix of:

  • barely funny photos or other oddities reminiscent of the stuff your grandma forwards to everyone he knows
  • barely impressive photos that are only impressive because they’ve been so highly processed they can’t help but be eye-catching
  • barely interesting news from Google and its many tentacles

Every once in a while, though, I see things that are truly amusing or truly interesting. Or just truly weird. In that spirit — that scatter-brained spirit — I’m going to share a few of my favorite (sometimes for real favorite, sometimes facetious favorite) What’s Hot on Google+ items. Enjoy.

Via Gary Whitta, a really creepy human-like robot:

Via Jessica Wood, grammar geekery! (Doesn’t take very advanced grammar skills to catch that one, though.)

Via Tarah Gaa, a bizarre fashion trend. I would pay money to see one of my stylish colleagues wear these around the office.

Via Michael Cuffe, a totally rad art installation.

And last but most certainly not least, my very favorite…

Via Art Jonak, the one and only Tom Cruise lookin’ all handsome and stuff on the very top of the world’s tallest building. He does his own stunts, I hear. (See the photo larger here.)


God bless Google+.