One More Reason I Love My Job

November 10, 2011

This has been one of those weeks when my butt has been in a plane seat as much as it’s been anywhere. First to New York for some Odwalla planning meetings that were really interesting. Then to Fort Worth for our latest Coca-Cola Family Track Walk — as a NASCAR fan, something I wholeheartedly enjoyed.

But the third trip was the real charm. Tuesday I was in Charlotte for a media tour featuring one of my favorite NASCAR drivers, Tony Stewart, whom I’ve met on two previous occasions. For those of you not on the NASCAR bandwagon, Tony is three points behind the leader in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. Already a two-time champ, he’s one of those guys you work with and think, “Wow – he’s very normal, quite funny and pretty cool.” And then you get to brag a little to your friends and family who then think you’re cool for having had the opportunity.

I’ve met some very interesting people in my career…including Richard Petty, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a bevy of other NASCAR drivers, Mean Joe Greene (VERY cool), LeBron James, Chad Ochocinco (weird), Magic Johnson, Dominique Wilkins (great guy) … even Matthew Morrison (cool if you’re a Gleek, which I am not). I even got to smell Jessica Alba’s hair once (long story, but true). Nobody has left me star-struck yet, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that may one day happen.

Let’s face it: work is work. And not every day is a moment in the sun. But Fast Horse is a very fun and cool place. To me, it seems like some uncommon good fortune when you can reflect on the years you’ve spent at a job, think of the great things you’ve done with awesome people around you, and then talk glowingly about that job to those interested in hearing about it. Color me fortunate.