Measuring Pop Culture Relevancy On the Spookiest Day Of the Year

October 31, 2011

I imagine that every time Halloween rolls around, celebrities and pop-culture wannabes hope they will become this year’s “it” Halloween costume.

Granted, the best costumes aren’t always people. Many genres are represented during the spooktacular holiday from video games and animals to ideas and technology, as well as the ever popular dying, undead and grotesque.

But for celebs and anyone who happens to be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, Halloween costumes mean relevance. Costumes represent the trickle down of pop culture to the little people. Didn’t our parents always tell us that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

In honor of Halloween, I’ve pulled together a list of costumes that I saw over the weekend and a small sampling of pop culture icons still relevant to the people who frequent Uptown.

Natalie Portman as Odile, the "Black Swan."

Black Swan

This past weekend, the women’s costume of choice was Swan Lake’s Black Swan, as made famous by Natalie Portman in the 2010 hit movie, “Black Swan.” Throughout the weekend sinister ballerinas took the uptown area by storm. I also had multiple friends don the costume with successful renderings of Odile, complete with tiaras, feathers, dramatic eye makeup and ballerina garb.

Indiana Jones – This was seemingly the men’s costume of choice due to the sea of brown wide-brimmed hats flocking the streets.

Lumberjack – Hipster heaven: One night a year, the usual flannel and beard equals a “creative” Halloween costume.

Flapper – I tried my hand at the popular period costume and will likely abandon attempts to reuse it – seeing my get-up around every corner just isn’t my thing.

Amy Winehouse – Even in her tragic death, Amy lives on in Minneapolis.

Television Characters

Television shows used to mean the death of an actors’ career but today it can mean a take-off into pop culture stardom. Television show characters and stars were heavily represented throughout the weekend with well-crafted costumes of werewolves from HBO’s hit show, “True Blood,” Walt from “Breaking Bad,” Dexter from Showtimes’ series, “Dexter” and the list goes on.

Who's the real Giorgio?

The key to a successful costume was execution and commitment to the television character. One of my personal favorites was a friend who did a near perfect rendering of Giorgio Tsoukalos from “Ancient Aliens.”

What about you? What are the best costumes that you’ve seen?