Foursquare’s NYC Domination

July 6, 2011

Risk board gameLast week I heard an interesting little story on NPR about a bunch of serious nerds who hacked Foursquare and created a live-action version of one of the best board games of all times – Risk!

How awesome is this: the game uses Foursquare and Google Maps, and anybody can join in by signing in and becoming a “soldier” for one of New York City’s five boroughs. Now, I’ve got to think Staten Island starts out as the ultimate dark horse (do people even admit to living in S.I.?) and is in real danger of being toppled by Manhattan or Brooklyn in no time flat. Go ahead and call me a nerd …I’m thinking this could be a lot of fun.

I don’t really understand the technological side of the game. Somehow it uses an algorithm to calculate who owns each neighborhood. From there, it sounds like it’s simply a numbers game, and at the time of this Mashable article, Manhattan was in the lead. I’d love to participate, but living in Minneapolis isn’t exactly conducive to throwing my support behind the Bronx.

All of this makes me think of the board games that haven’t been raided by Foursquare hackers – yet. And thus, a few suggestions:

Live action Clue would be the best – a marriage between the classic board game and one of those cheesy murder mystery parties. But the mansion would have to be enormous.

Monopoly has to be an obvious choice. Could be fun to see people descend upon the Atlantic City Boardwalk, though I’m not sure if $400 is still the going rate. Anybody know how to find Water Works?

Battleship would be cool, but who has access to that many boats?

If you were a Foursquare hacker, what game would you most want to create?