My Crush On The New White iPhone Is So Over

April 28, 2011

white iphone

Last June, I fell in love… with the white iPhone.

All the clichés about infatuation rang true. I was giddy and flustered when talking about my new crush, obsessively looking forward to our first date and dreaming about the future we would have together. I was holding a serious torch for this phone.

Then our glorious meeting was rescheduled for two weeks due to “manufacturing challenges” (whatever that meant). I twiddled my thumbs, impatiently and excitedly waiting to embark on our journey. But my dreams were dashed when the date was canceled again, this time indefinitely.

My disappointment with Apple drove me straight into the arms of Blackberry. As any girl who’s ever had her heart broken could see, I was on the rebound. On the surface, the substitute was an attractive companion. But after months of inconsistency, an inability to communicate and a mild electrical shock, I saw him for what he was: a lemon.

Luckily, I exchanged glances across a crowded room a fellow named Android, who became my new arm candy. I caught myself drooling over his sleek physique, intelligence and individuality. Not to mention athleticism. He is quite fast. Finally, I was in the perfect relationship.

And, suddenly, guess who’s back?

Why must you tease me, Steve Jobs?

That’s right. The white iPhone came knocking, promising me the dreams that had once been dashed. I slammed the door because he didn’t apologize for bailing last time and, let’s be honest, at this point I don’t trust his motives. Is he only in town because his sexy brother (white iPhone 5) won’t be around until September? Is this a ploy to keep my interest piqued in the family name? Are his “manufacturing challenges” worked out?

While this love story may seem funny or bizarre to some, it’s reality for me. I have a relationship with my phone — and last summer I was impulsively lusting after the white iPhone. But, after continually pushing back the release date, Apple is finally releasing the white iPhone today. In the meantime, I decided to pursue other options and I’m glad I did. I can’t tout the amazing qualities of my new toy enough and don’t know if I will go back to an iPhone (Android and I would have to have a serious falling out).

I know I’m not the only one who’s been stood up by Apple. A colleague of mine shared a story about his wife hankering for some face-time with her very own iPad 2. After being shut out at several stores, she placed an order online — and was told her day in the sun would come in six to eight weeks. In the meantime, she fell into the arms of Motorola Xoom. She couldn’t imagine turning back to Apple, so she canceled the $700 order for iPad and various Apple fashion accessories.

It’s been said Apple creates hype and demand for its products by limiting availability. This is great for creating an overwhelming feeling of lust for the newest technology, but also gives impulse buyers the chance to think twice about their money. Some may decide to wait and hold the torch, while others will move on to something less commitment-phobic.

It’s been nearly a year since I first made eyes at the white iPhone and I’ve learned that the age-old saying is true: there are other fish in the sea.