Fast Horse Organizes DASANI Foliage Fashion Show

April 27, 2011
Dasani PlantBottle fashion show

Seemingly half our agency pitched in on one of the more exciting events we’ve conducted on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company in a long time (bias acknowledged) at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The event, which we pulled off Friday, was in celebration of the national rollout of DASANI PlantBottle packaging – a new, greener bottle that uses up to 30 percent plants in its production.

The concept behind the event was to play up the “30 percent plants” message by hosting a fashion show featuring models dressed in plant-based garments covering 30 percent of their bodies. To keep it clean, we may have over-covered a bit, but you get the point.

To help drive publicity, we worked with “Glee” star Matthew Morrison, who conducted a media tour on our behalf and hosted the show. The whole thing came together in about eight weeks, and while it was a total whirlwind, it was nothing short of a fun, challenging and totally rewarding project.

The best part is PlantBottle packaging messaging has been featured on Extra!, Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment News and CNN, with more expected in the coming days. Check out photos from the DASANI Plant Model Fashion Show below and let us know what you think.

Dasani PlantBottle Morrison Lopez

Mario Lopez from Extra! interviews Matthew Morrison

Dasani PlantBottle fashion show with Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison during the DASANI PlantBottle show