Who Shares Their Bucket List With The World?

February 16, 2011

bucket listI recently started my 2011 bucket list. No, I’m not dying. I’ve done a bucket list every year since college to set goals for the coming months. Some of them have been quite simple like learning to make lefse from my grandma, while others are more complicated or longer term like “be brave” (one year it guided me to ski downhill and ask for a raise).

I like the challenge, the reminder and the forward motion it gives me as I think about what I want to accomplish throughout the year. But more often than not, it’s a private list I keep to myself. Not one I share with the world.

Recently, I stumbled on a social network www.bucketlist.org, which gives people the opportunity to share their bucket list with the world. Simply create a profile, keep tabs on your list and tell your story once you’ve reached said goal.

I nosed through the site for an hour or so, feeling nostalgic, anxious and a little like a Peeping Tammy as I looked through lists from countless individuals. But I had to shut it down. I felt like I was looking through someone’s diary. It seemed too personal.

Unlike Facebook, you can’t keep your profile private on this site, so if you’re like “Lindsey” and one of the items on your bucket list is to “date a Pittsburgh Penguin,” (I’m not making this up) everyone can see it. That may be okay for Lindsey, but for me, I still like the idea that some parts of my life aren’t accessible to the world. Why? I guess it’s because MY list not for anyone to judge or follow. Is it a privacy thing? A generational thing? A curmudgeon thing? I don’t know.

Would you post your bucket list on an open site for the world to view?