Live At Fast Horse: HAPPO Hour In Minneapolis

February 14, 2011

We’re hosting a party – a HAPPO Hour – on Feb. 24 and we want you to join us.

At Fast Horse, we’re big on helping our peers in the marketing community grow and develop professionally. Selfishly, we love the idea of cultivating great new talent. But we also know it’s important to give back. After all, none of us got where we are on our own.

That’s why we created the Fast Horse Experience, our Facebook page that’s designed to be a virtual informational interview of sorts – offering a peek at what it’s like to be at Fast Horse, sharing a bit of the diverse work we do and answering questions from job seekers (seeking work here or elsewhere).

That’s why we make time to do informational interviews with talented candidates who fit our integrated marketing approach – strong writers, social media strategists, graphic designers, sports marketing brains, Web developers and more.

That’s why we started our ongoing Intern-For-A-Day series to give bright young stars a chance to shine and get some real hands-on experience.

And that’s why we’re glad to host the first-ever face-to-face HAPPO event.

HAPPO – Help A PR Pro Out – was started a year ago this month by co-founders Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon. Though the world of HAPPO includes a Facebook page, LinkedIn group, website and more, it’s best known for the #happo tag on Twitter that’s used to track conversations about professional development and job openings in PR, marketing and other corners of corporate communications.

On Feb. 24, HAPPO makes the leap from the digital world to the real world with a series of simultaneous events across the country. In partnership with our friend Arik Hanson, Fast Horse is pleased to host the Minneapolis installment of this great series.

What is it? The HAPPO Hour chat will be one part Twitter chat and one part in-person networking event. It’ll take place at Fast Horse World Headquarters from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 24. (Eight similar events will take place at the same time around the country.)

What can I expect? Great informal networking. Free drinks and light munchies. Opportunities to get feedback on your résumé, glean some interviewing tips or learn a bit about what agency life is like. You might even meet your next boss!

Who should come? 1) Anyone who’s interested in any corner of the marketing, PR and corporate communication world – designers, interactive types, event marketing specialists, media relations pros – 2) Anyone who aspires to be one of those things. 3) Anyone who hopes to meet and potential hire one of those people.

What’s up with the Twitter chat? Whether you’re at the in-person HAPPO Hour event or you just wish you could be, you can follow along with the professional-development and career-advancement-themed discussion on Twitter, as well. Follow along and participate by using the #happo hashtag.

So what do I need to do? RSVP here and show up at Fast Horse on Feb. 24!