Shooting With Mason Jennings

December 27, 2010

In a previous Peepshow post I wrote about the release of Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2, an album recorded by Vega Productions benefiting music and art education programs in Minnesota schools.

I’m revisiting the topic to share a very cool video we shot and edited featuring songwriter Mason Jennings. We got to sit down with Mason just before his Christmas concert at First Avenue in early December, and it was a great experience. We talked about “Child Of Nature,” his song from the CD, why he selected that track and how he approached covering a John Lennon song.

Shooting videos with people who have any celebrity status at all can be interesting, but you couldn’t find a nicer guy than Mason. He gave us a great interview, and with intern Jonathan’s editing skills, we were able to create a great promotional video for the album.

Check out what Mason had to say about the project and let us know what you think.