No, I Will Not Show You My Pizza

October 5, 2010

Annoyed. That’s the only word to describe my state of mind over Domino’s ridiculous “Show Us Your Pizza” campaign, which brazenly asks customers take pictures of delivery pizzas after they arrive.

For real … take a picture of my pizza? You’re really asking me to power up my little Canon and create a memory with my thin crust pepperoni?

It’s just crazy talk.

First, if you’re desperate enough to order Domino’s, that tells me you’re starving. And if you’re starving, are you really going to spend that extra minute TAKING A PICTURE of your pizza? And let’s just say you do. By the time you’ve finished that pizza, are you in any mood to submit a picture of it online?

Second, can you recall any single time you’ve ordered a Domino’s pizza and actually been impressed by its appearance? Or even been okay about its appearance? (Note to Domino’s: nobody’s buying your pizza because it looks good. Nobody!)

Now, out of curiosity, I pulled up the Show Us Your Pizza site, maybe more for a laugh than anything else. Immediately I’m treated to some very average pizza photography on the homepage with credits to “Brandon S. of Matthews, NC” and “Amanda W. of Ames, IA.”

Hey, Brandon and Amanda: What are you doing? No, really. What are you doing? You thought it was a good idea to snap a picture of your pizza and submit it? What gives?

Did you get stars in your eyes? Let me guess: are you just so excited to win one of the eight (yes, I said eight) $500 cash prizes (yes, I said $500) Domino’s is offering as incentive?

Or no, I’d bet it was the compelling video of Domino’s Pizza Chef Sam Fauser beckoning you to order a pizza, pull out your camera and click away. After all, it’s awfully enticing when he says, “if we like the pictures enough, we might use them in a Domino’s ad.”

A Domino’s ad? Is this something people aspire to achieve? Brandon and Amanda, let’s be clear here – YOU don’t get to be in the ad. YOUR PIZZA PHOTOS might have a moment in the spotlight.

I simply can’t get over this. Honestly, have you ever heard of less appealing prizes?

Has the photo budget at Domino’s shrunk this dramatically due to the struggling economy? Now they’re throwing up their hands and turning everything over to amateur shutterbugs?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I see the effort Domino’s is putting forth, trying to demonstrate to those brave souls who order pizzas from the chain that they’re trying to offer something better. Better appearance, better tasting, better quality … whatever.

I’m not against a company gathering crowd-sourced content. If you’re a regular Peepshow reader, you may have seen my recent praise for a Chiquita banana campaign asking people to design new images for the little blue stickers stuck on everyone’s favorite yellow fruit.

The pizza push is not the same thing! Domino’s is asking you to take a picture of a pizza that someone else made and someone else delivered. All you did was call up the local store and place an order. Where is the creativity? And for God’s sake, where is the incentive? Give me something! And when it’s all over, what is Domino’s gaining from this, aside from the added attention it’s getting for pushing out ugly pizzas?

OK, enough with the rant. I’ve worked myself into a lather and now I’m famished. Somebody call for a pizza. I’ve got to find my camera.