Check Out That Banana!

September 17, 2010

Ever thought about the packaging, labels and logos on the food you buy? If you’re in any sort of marketing discipline, then no doubt you’ve given it at least an ounce of consideration.

Brands are constantly trying to out-shout each other to get consumers to take notice (and buy) with claims of better taste, bigger sizes, etc. But recently, everybody’s favorite banana brand came up with a clever approach.

You know the famous blue Chiquita sticker featuring the brand name and a Charo-looking woman on the bananas you buy? Well, in supermarkets, that image was suddenly swapped out with a variety of bizarre – but somehow compelling – images. My favorite is the illustration of a whole banana resting comfortably in a tummy.

What’s more impressive is how Chiquita leveraged this new “packaging” online. Consumers submitted more than 1,300 designs of their own that could be used on the ‘nana stickers. Ultimately, 18 designs will be selected through online votes, and each will find their rightful place on America’s favorite yellow, crescent-shaped fruit.

Kinda cool. Check out an interesting New York Times article on the promotion here, and if you’re so moved, enter your own design on the Chiquita blog.

I’m partial to this design:

What would you place on your own Chiquita banana sticker?