Eclipse of My Senses

July 9, 2010

On Tuesday night, I found out first-hand why marketers are getting in bed with the Twilight saga to peddle their wares.

Several months ago I “promised” a female friend I would see the third installment of the Twilight saga with her when it hit theaters. This week she cashed in on that vow. I have to admit I had seen the first two films on DVD, but never had I shamed myself so much as to enter a theater – without a disguise, no less – to experience the madness that is Twilight.

It didn’t take longer than the dimming of the lights to see what kind of power the series has over seemingly normal girls and women – of literally all ages – the visceral oohs, ahhs and pants from the ladies when:

  • Jacob shows up for the first time shirtless (and remains that way through the bulk of the movie)
  • Jacob climbs – half-naked – into a sleeping bag with Bella, or
  • SPOILER ALERT, ladies … Edward slips an engagement ring on Bella’s finger (OMG).

Judging by these bullet points alone, Bella sounds a little slutty. But I digress –

Presumably those are exactly the reactions marketers are looking to tap into, and I particularly like what Burger King has done with the franchise. Its TV spots highlighting girls playing its on-package scratch-off games based on whether they’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob are pretty funny if you’re in on the joke. Stuart Elliot’s write-up in the New York Times last month gives a good overview of the promotion –

Having invested a half dozen hours of my life in these movies, I still couldn’t care less who Bella chooses. As for the BK commercials, I like them. However, entertaining as they may be, I have to wonder if they’re accomplishing their goal: are they really making women/girls rush out for a Whopper and fries?