Sundays with Christ(iane)

May 12, 2010


I’ve never been mistaken for being overly religious. For many, many years, my Sunday mornings have been devoted to an hour of NBC programming I like to call Meet The Press. 

Oh sure, from time to time I’ll sample the others: State of the Union (CNN), Face The Nation (CBS), even (gulp) FOX News Sunday. I love politics and thoroughly enjoy the irritation and elation any number of subjects create in my heart on what should be a relaxing, soothing weekend morning.

But for as much as I’ve loved it, I’ve begun to question my own tendency to blindly tune in to Meet The Press. Tim Russert was awesome: the guy could interview the hell out of anybody who dared sit across from him. He had a great, low-key style, but when he needed to get bullish, he didn’t shy away. After his untimely death, I was initially happy to hear David Gregory was taking over the hosting gig – but, sadly, he is wearing on me. I think I’ve reached the end; my weekly tradition of many years is coming to a close. 

What’s making this parting of ways much easier is something I recently learned – at Perez Hilton, of all places.  A replacement has been named for George Stephanopoulos (or as I call him, The Little Troll) on ABC’s “This Week,” and I am VERY excited.

Very possibly my favorite broadcast reporter EVER is about to compete with my soon-to-be-former-favorite political show. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour recently announced she is taking the reins of “This Week,” and let me just say I love her. For real. This is a woman who has interviewed everyone and been literally everywhere around the globe. She’s covered wars and military actions in Iraq, Chechnya and Lebanon, tensions in North Korea and Iran, political/social upheavals in Myanmar and Tibet, natural disasters in southeast Asia and Haiti, genocide in Sudan and the Balkans and, of course, the events of September 11. And she is amazing. I can’t think of a single news man or woman – print, broadcast or otherwise – I trust more. She’s unflinching in the face of personal danger, yet cool and even-keeled enough to TRULY be fair and balanced.

Honestly – I rarely get excited about these things. Most of the time it feels really nerdy to care so much. But Christiane is different. I feel no shame in raving about her. If you haven’t paid much attention to her in the past, I strongly recommend giving her a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out her sign-off from CNN from April 30 – it shows the breadth of subjects she’s tackled over the years.