Where U @?

April 19, 2010

Want to know where DJ Pauly D from MTV’s popular “Jersey Shore” is hanging out today? Me neither, but apparently MTV and VH1 thinks there are a lot of folks out there who will. The cable networks are implementing a partnership with the social network foursquare to give fans of their reality shows a chance to stalk – oh, excuse me – follow their favorite reality stars.

Am I a fuddy duddy for being creeped out by this partnership? Part of me thinks so and then the other part reminds me that reality stars need to stretch their 15 minutes as far as they can and foursquare is a great way to develop a true obsess … oops, I mean connection with your favorite celeb. And it’s not just reality shows that are jumping on the bandwagon. Bravo TV, Zagat, the History Channel and HBO have all recently inked deals with the popular check-in service.

As an over-thirty-something, foursquare seems like a homing device for the creepers who want to see where you’re at. But according to Hitwise, US visits to foursquare increased by 50 percent between December and January, and were up 200 percent overall since November. Almost a quarter of all traffic to the foursquare site came via Google, with Twitter driving 21 percent of all visits and Facebook responsible for 19 percent. And the Washington Post reported that check-ins recently surpassed 1 million in one week.

I guess that means the answer to my fuddy duddy question is yes. Peepshow readers: Have you signed up for foursquare yet? Why or why not?