We have this client in our pocket

April 13, 2010

After a few months of planning and preparation — not to mention design, copywriting and development — Marvin Windows and Doors, with a little assist from Fast Horse, has launched “Window Shopping,” the category’s first iPhone app. The app allows users get an idea of what a remodeled room or house might look like with new windows or doors. It also mixes in continually updated content from MLuxe, Marvin’s blog, and a special “Green Feed” with information about energy efficiency and sustainability.

Marvin is a great client to work for, and I’m not saying that just because I know they’re reading this (hey, folks!). The company is eager to incorporate new tools and methods into its marketing efforts, and our work with Marvin runs the gamut: trade and consumer media relations, trade shows, content marketing (including social media consulting, e-marketing and blogging), graphic design and video production, and so much more. That sort of integrated, non-traditional work is our sweet-spot, and we are delighted to help Marvin navigate a variety of new opportunities to engage their various stakeholders.

Hillary, one of our design rockstars, helped think through the app’s interface and workflow, and she designed all you see on screen. We worked with the good folks at PointAbout for help with the development, and I’m glad we did. They’ve built tons of iPhone apps, and Anuja and her colleagues were a big help on the technical side.

The Window Shopping app is a great project — not because it represents the brand’s move into a new channel, but because it represents the brand bringing its existing marketing strategy into a new channel. It’s a great platform for showing off some of the tons of content Marvin creates, and we’re thrilled to have been a partner in helping Marvin forge ahead in this exciting new direction.

After all, content is king.