Will Crusade for Cookies

June 17, 2009

I recently read an article on CNN.com about the emergence of real-life superheroes due to the economic downturn. Yes, superheroes. Like Superman, Wonder Woman or my favorite, Aquaman. I assumed they were mostly men (yes, I know that sounds sexist), but I did see some photos of women on the site www.reallifesuperheroes.org. Anyway, the gist is that many real-life Superheroes find themselves without a job or low on work and instead perform a variety of civic services like safety patrols, charity work — and, in some instances, stopping crime.

There’s even a creed that reads:

We are Real Life Superheroes.
We follow and uphold the law.
We fight for what is right.
We help those in need.
We are role models.
We will be positive and inspirational.
We hold ourselves to a higher standard.
Through our actions we will create a better brighter tomorrow.

So that got me thinking –

What would be my caped crusader persona? I started brainstorming about who I am, how I define myself: I’m a mom and wife, a pretty damn good friend if I do say so myself. I serve as a board member in my community and I pick up trash when I see it’s fallen outside the receptacle. But none of that is really superhero material. I needed to dig a little further.

In my opinion, you can’t be a superhero and not possess some extraordinary power. I needed something that puts smiles on the faces of the good guys and makes the bad guys cringe with envy. Ahhhh, I got it. Cookies.

Cookies! For several years, I’ve possessed the superpower of being able to resist Girl Scout cookies and instead give them away to the homeless or donate them to food shelters. I’ve seen plenty of smiles from folks who’ve taken a box of cookies that I’ve passed out my car window, while those waiting behind me yell “Curses!” as they pump their envious fists in the air. Cookies, my superpower –

So from now on, call me The Cookie Crusader.