Who Do You Trust?

June 26, 2009

We’re having a fascinating debate about media credibility surrounding Michael Jackson’s death.

George said he didn’t really believe the news until he saw an item by the LA Times. Mike, Andy and I disagreed — when TMZ broke the news, we said, that was credible for this arena.

TMZ is in the celebrity gossip business, that’s their milieu, and they have the sources. For that particular item, we said, TMZ is as credible as the LA Times — maybe even more so.

But George points out that there’s an additional layer of complication in the form of the bogus report — circulating yesterday, the day of Jackson’s death — that actor Jeff Goldblum had died on a movie set in New Zealand.

So, on the same day, you’ve got two reports of celebrity deaths by non-mainstream news organizations: one true, one false.

What do you think? Who can we believe? Did you trust TMZ with the Jackson news?