Santa Monica BMW FTW

June 4, 2009


(For you old timers who might not be hip to the slang, FTW means “for the win.” It means something else, too, but we’ll leave that one alone.)

Look closely at this photo. It depicts prominently a glorious dose of advertising superiority on the part of Santa Monica BMW, but you have to notice the much smaller Audi billboard in the lower left to understand why.

In case you lost your glasses, I’ll lay it out for you: Audi puts up a billboard touting one of its fancy rides, and it includes the taunt, “Your move, BMW.”¬†Enter Santa Monica BMW with own billboard, right next door and four times the size, complete with the smack-down word: “Checkmate.”

Your competition shouldn’t need a reason to take a shot at you, and you shouldn’t give ’em a wide open shot to take, either.

Photo courtesy of Nick C via Failblog