It’s All About Customer Service

December 11, 2008

So sue me, I like shopping. Online, offline, etc. I’m not entirely proud of my consumer ways, but they occasionally come in handy. Especially around the holidays when it’s time to power shop for my family of 12.

Just the other day, I was exploring’s holiday sale ($30 off of $150) and an additional 20% off of cashmere. As I squinted at the monitor to determine if the separately priced gloves and hat matched*, I realized I had no clue. One was called “super white/ivory” and one was called “ivory.” While it was the perfect gift, I wasn’t tackling the impossible. However, a chat box appeared asking if I’d like to ask any questions.

Quite honestly, I’ve only had bad experiences with this style of customer service. I tend to get people who either can’t answer my question or simply copy and paste from some customer service manual. But I’m an optimist so I typed in my request.

The customer service rep followed up with a specific question on the type of gloves, I replied and she said she was off to compare actual product samples. Within a few minutes, she returned to share that the gloves were a slightly more creamy ivory and the hat was more white (ok some might call it “super white,” but bear with me).

While I didn’t buy this mismatched set, I did make a purchase on

At the risk of sounding like an octogenarian, good customer service is hard to come by so I continue to shop there. They have humans who answer their phone after one round of an automated “choose your selection.” Their emails are always answered in 24 hours. Sign me up.

* Before someone comments on the product selection, it was a request! I swear.