Zima, Remembered

November 10, 2008

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Zima, the clear and refreshing malt beverage popular during the early 1990s, recently died, the MillerCoors family said.

After a long battle with challenging malternative segment sales Zima production ceased Oct. 10 and was officially declared brain dead ten days later. 

Born in 1993, Zima was a brand-name “alcohol refresher” and a wine cooler alternative. Zima was named after the Eastern European word for “winter” – which is arguably is the world’s coldest season. Zima was a one-time member of the 1990’s “Clear Craze” alongside Tab Clear, Crystal Pepsi and bottled water but later left the group to focus on its highly anticipated solo career. 

Zima’s popularity peaked in 1993.

Although there was an attempt revitalize the product in 1995 by marketing Zima Gold to young men, as well as a poorly orchestrated online effort to save Zima, the battle was ultimately lost to a declining consumer interest.

Zima was preceded in death by Miller’s Qube and Stroh’s Clash, which are no longer made today. Zima is survived by Smirnoff and Smirnoff Ice.

Service will be at Fast Horse next week: date TBD, invite only, closed casket. Visitation and chips with dip to follow.

We ask everyone to remember Zima by writing their fondest Zima memory in the comment section below. In lieu of flowers you may create a 20 foot glass-shard mural depicting a bald eagle carrying a bottle of Zima in the Minnesota state capital rotunda.