Would You Like To Save 15% Today?

October 3, 2008

If there is a credit crunch, why am I still getting badgered to open up a credit card account every time I check out at a retail store?  This weekend, I made a trip to the Mall of America (not my brightest moment) and took note of how many times I was offered an opportunity to save money by getting a new credit card.

During my four-hour shopping trip, I entered 13 stores and purchased items in five of those 13.  Every one of them offered me an opportunity to open up a store account and save big on my purchase.  Each time I declined.  And here’s why: I don’t need another credit card.

Not Alli. But similar.

Not Alli. But similar.

I have seven active cards (cue muggers) in my wallet – seven.  If they all had balances, I would be paying approximately 140 percent in interest charges each month.  And I’m just one person in a two-credit-card-holder household.  I wonder what would happen if retail chains stopped offering credit to every Tom, Dick and Harry that purchased an item?  Maybe we’d start living within our means.  Or maybe the stores would have to start living within theirs. 

P.S. The woman in the photo is not me, but I do have blond hair.