Reflections on the Wild Wild West…

August 6, 2008

One of my favorite — yet most frustrating — parts of my job is monitoring, experimenting with and adopting social media tools. I easily could spend four or five hours a day looking over the latest shiny thing, tweeting the day away or perusing my feeds.

On the rare days when I leisurely scroll blog feeds or search conversations, I undoubtedly glean new insight that translates into a better way to communicate online. However, most days, I make a mad dash through the new information that has found its way online, read a few top sites and begin to sort through my accumulated email.

Today I waded through the pile and discovered a new site called Similar to Digg, but with additional customization, SocialMedian allows users to find similar newsmakers and news networks to follow and vote on. 

I’ve signed up, joined a few news networks, and perused a few top stories. Now, I’ll wait.

While this site may be the next Digg, I have no desire to invest in the site until I see a value.  

Per a post a few months ago by Jeremiah Owyang, that would make me a settler. Not a pioneer or a colonist, I’ll try new tools, but wait until I see value before I adopt them.

Where do you fit on the spectrum? Or, where would you fit if time was not an issue?