Need a Jingle?

August 18, 2008

I recently wrote a post about having mixed feelings about the number of faux “people” popping up in the social media space.  However, today I came across an online personality who I thought was pretty cool.  His name is Tommy Silk and he’s at the center of a creative new campaign from Intuit QuickBooks. Tommy is a fictitious music producer and mastermind behind the Jingle Generator

Tommy can help you create a personalized jingle for your business.  While the execution on the finished jingle isn’t necessarily that great, it’s still a creative approach to get people to bond with an accounting software company.  Tommy has Facebook, MySpace and Twitter profiles but unlike some other campaigns, it’s pretty evident he’s not real and clearly was created for entertainment purposes.  For more info on the campaign, check out this MediaPost MarketingDaily article.