Media Reform Starts Here

June 5, 2008

Well, not on Idea Peepshow.

But a few short blocks away, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, thousands of deep thinkers, do-gooders, bloggers and assorted social irritants from across the USA will be on hand for the National Conference for Media Reform, sponsored by

Dan Rather and Bill Moyers are among those who will be there, promoting “diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media and universal access to communications.”

Me? I’m going to be there too, blogging it live on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

In this political season, there’s a political angle to this conference, too. The organizers say that the mainstream media’s “failure to inform and represent our communities” poses a dire threat to our democracy.

Their claim certainly gains credence from the recent revelation that even President Bush’s own press secretary thought the media didn’t closely examine the crucial issues in the leadup to the Iraq War. That will no doubt be a widely discussed topic this weekend.

I’m just hoping to snag a free pen.