Minnesota Monitor Goes Independent

June 11, 2008

Some big changes at what used to be Minnesota Monitor, one of the growing number of non-profit, online  news orgs that have sprung up in Minnesota the last couple of years.

They’re rebranded and revamped as The Minnesota Independent, with a spiffy new Web site. Here’s a note from Independent managing editor Paul Schmelzer, explaining the change:

“To match our mission of independent-minded nonprofit news and to better mesh with our network of Center for Independent Media sites, we’re now The Minnesota Independent. Our new home features a cleaner design, improved commenting, social-media tools, lots more front-page real estate for news, and the capacity for more multimedia. We’ve named our new blog at MNIndy The Monitor in honor of our roots, but we won’t be updating [Minnesota Monitor] any longer.”

Minnesota Monitor has always been an excellent site. The new iteration looks very promising.