Welcome to the Idea Peepshow

May 21, 2008

At long last, we’re pulling back the curtain on Idea Peepshow, the Fast Horse blog!

Cue the crickets.

Frankly, that’s the reception we’re anticipating. And that’s okay. We certainly didn’t launch with illusions of building a vast readership overnight. Or ever. We do, however, intend to have some fun and hope to engage a few folks along the way.

For those who have stumbled onto the Idea Peepshow looking for something a bit more tawdry, our apologies. You won’t find anything here that would make Potter Stewart blush. The name of our blog comes from the fertile creative mind of our fancy art school-grad, Taylor Baldry. We held a little naming competition, and Taylor’s entry bested more than 200 others to claim some pocket change and bragging rights. With submissions like Tiny Pies; Rogue Bear in a Corn Maze; Consensual Horseplay; and Textual Relationships, we can’t say this was our finest creative hour. But the competition did yield a name we believe captures what this blog is all about.

Peepshows weren’t always lewd. In simpler times, peepshow operators offered glimpses of, among other things, exotic animals and classical dramas. We’ll leave the exotic animals to Barnum & Bailey and the drama to Britney Spears. We’re in the idea business, and this blog is intended to offer a little gander at what informs and inspires our creative and strategic process. And with a three-time Pulitzer-nominated journalist on our staff, we’ll even do some reporting about things that impact our industry. We also hope to provide a little window into daily life at Fast Horse.

We want to hear from you. Tell us if you like what we’re doing. Offer suggestions if you don’t. Challenge us. Offer your perspective. Amuse us. Or ridicule us.

Just keep it clean. We’re not that kind of blog …