Keep Refrigerated

May 30, 2008

A package arrived this week for one of my colleagues that had mouths at the office watering. It became apparent once we noticed the “Keep Refrigerated” note on the box that it probably was worth dropping what we were working on to check it out. The box – a gift from Desperate Housewives’ resident baker Bree Van de Kamp  – contained a lovely basket filled with baked goodies including Lemon Tea Cakes, Chocolate Chip Muffin Bread, Sugar Cookies and Fudge Brownies. The accompanying note read:

I heard you were Desperate for some great programming this fall and the folks at Disney*ABC Domestic Television Ad Sales were all too willing to deliver.  So they asked that I make a basket of my famous muffins to thank you and welcome you to the neighborhood.

Enjoy! – Bree Van de Kamp & Your Friends at Disney*ABC    

While I’m sure we were one of hundreds of lucky recipients who had worked with Disney*ABC at one time or another, I still thought it was pretty clever – even if it was a mass mailing.  As an occasional Desperate Housewives viewer, there was something about this fictitious character sending us home-baked treats (actually prepared by Mrs. Beasley’s) that I found kind of funny.  Or, maybe I was just hungry.

It’s tough cutting through the clutter.  What’s the cleverest mailing you’ve ever sent or received?