Bob Ingrassia

Senior Director, Content Marketing

Joined Fast Horse: 2010

Professional Strengths:
I’m a skilled writer and editor. I understand that creating great content means telling good stories. I have experience working in print and a variety of digital media platforms. My basic philosophy: If you produce material that’s useful, entertaining and unique, you’ll find a wide and appreciative audience.

Path to Fast Horse:
I cranked out stories as a newspaper reporter and editor for two decades. I got my start in Texas at the Dallas Morning News, where everyone thought I was from New York City. Then, I actually got a job in the Big Apple, reporting for the New York Daily News. I came home to Minnesota in 2003 to work for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I later left newspapering for digital media jobs at Internet Broadcasting and Minnesota Public Radio. A few years ago, I spent way too much time building Newsbobber, a Minnesota news aggregator and blog directory.

Community Involvement:
Board Member, Minnesota Daily; Member of the Nature Conservancy of Minnesota marketing committee.

Key Insight:

The reader is in serious trouble most of the time, a man floundering in a swamp. It is the duty of anyone attempting to write English to drain this swamp quickly and get his man up on dry ground, or at least throw him a rope. — Strunk & White “Elements of Style”

My Hometown (And Best Thing About It):
Anoka, Minn. The rivers running through town (Mississippi and Rum) make Anoka a great place to grow up.

I’m Famous For …
Rubbing my face during moments of stress and declaring, “What hath God wrought!”

Very Few People Know That I …
Drove a 1971 LeMans Sport convertible to homicide scenes while working as a night cops reporter in Dallas.

The List: Most Heartbreaking Moments in Minnesota Sports
1. Jan. 17, 1999 — Missed field goal costs Vikes a trip to the Super Bowl
2. 2004-2010 — Twins lose 12 playoff games in a row
3. Jan. 24, 2010 — Favre throws late pick against Saints in NFC Championship
4. Oct. 10, 2003 — Gophers blow 21-point 4th quarter lead to lose Little Brown Jug to Michigan

Bob's Professional Details

Bob Ingrassia is a skilled storyteller and digital media specialist. He has deep experience in news and feature writing, content editing and web production. He brings an eye for great stories, a creative mind, and a reporter’s research and writing skills to every project he tackles. Ingrassia knows what works online.

Ingrassia joined Fast Horse after distinguishing himself as a top-notch journalist and digital strategist. As a web editor at Minnesota Public Radio, he developed and launched Minnesota Today, an online hub for news, arts, photography and blogs. Prior to joining MPR, Ingrassia founded and built Newsbobber, a news aggregator and blog directory that served as the model for Minnesota Today.

From 2007 to 2009, Ingrassia served as national news editor at Internet Broadcasting in St. Paul. He helped lead a successful content-sharing partnership between Internet Broadcasting’s stable of local TV news stations and

Ingrassia has extensive journalism experience. He served as a news reporter and editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, starting one of the newspaper’s first news blogs and helping make the outlet more aggressive online. Ingrassia also worked as a senior reporter at The New York Daily News, where he served as the paper’s lead reporter during the 2000 Bush-Gore recount, played a key role in coverage of the World Trade Center attacks and traveled to Iraq as an embedded reporter during the 2003 invasion. Prior to his work in New York, Ingrassia spent eight years as a reporter at the Dallas Morning News.

Ingrassia is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is a member of the Minnesota Daily Board of Directors.